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What's Next for the Political Revolution

Join us for our unique summer gathering of young socialist activists and Bernie Sanders supporters this August 5-7, 2016, just 10 minutes outside of Washington, DC. The conference, “From Sanders to the Grassroots: Continuing the Political Revolution Among the Student Left,” will be held at the National 4-H Conference Center, 7100 Connecticut Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.

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Political Context

Joint Statement by College Students for Bernie and the Young Democratic Socialists

To the surprise of millions, the Democratic presidential primary produced a candidate worthy of your vote. Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, had laser focus on economic inequality and political corruption. He was able to connect with the American working class, environmentalists, electoral reform activists, and, of course, students and millennials. He also was open to being pushed by Black Lives Matter unlike other politicians.

The Democratic primary produced exciting and progressive candidates, while the country’s social and economic inequalities fostered scary and reactionary politicians in the Republican field. In both primaries, millions of voters rejected establishment candidates, which is a credit to both the Tea Party Movement and Occupy Wall Street. How do we, as progressives and socialists, reclaim the bipartisan anger away from the right-wing into a meaningful transformation of the electoral process, economic system and social fabric?

College Students For Bernie and the Young Democrats Socialists are uniting in Washington, DC, the most politically corrupt city in the nation. Our goal is to strengthen the left and advance towards a more progressive and brighter future. As students across the country watch the primaries end, we need a space to strategize how to promote social and electoral change regardless of who is in the White House. This convergence of like-minded students and youth gives participants the opportunity to mix their ideas, their stances, and learn in-person from one another to continue the Political Revolution in our campuses and communities in the Fall.

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