Young Progressives Demanding Action

Young Progressives Demanding Action is building a permanent progressive movement on college campuses, fighting for justice at the local, state, and congressional level in 2016 and beyond. We believe in ‘Justice or Bust,’ by which we mean racial justice, social justice, environmental justice, economic justice, criminal justice, and electoral justice. We’re working to foster conversations to ensure that this movement is inclusive and intersectional in nature, and built upon reciprocal learning of all progressives.
We advocate for Student-centered progressive policy initiatives to unite the young progressive movement. We are already engaged in organizing for The People’s Budget, the Movement for Black Lives, a Path to Citizenship, as well as eliminating debt and promoting equality in higher education. We seek to achieve progress through coalition building and community organizing around issues–not parties, personalities, or candidates.” If you want to start a chapter, please fill out this form:

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