Iowa Is Just The Beginning

After looking at the results in Iowa, it is clear that our grassroots movement is gaining momentum. Although it has come down to a tie, let’s remember that no one originally expected Sanders to win Iowa; in fact, many media pundits and political analysts predicted Clinton to win Iowa by a land slide, but in a matter of only a few months, that perspective quickly changed; people are starting to see Sanders as a real candidate, and the Clinton campaign and the Republican nominees are starting to feel threaten by Bernie Sanders. The very fact that the race was this close in Iowa shows that our movement is growing; and all the success has been due to the work of people like you who have volunteered their time and did not give into establishment politics. It was the belief that we, as students, could build a grassroots movement that disregard everyone who doubted us, and the values that we and Bernie Sanders stand for.

When I, and other students from all across the country, started College Students for Bernie, we could not imagine the support and organization that we have now. We now have over 230 chapters, all started by students like yourself. .

If there is one thing that Iowa proved is that this fight is far from over, and that we, as a grassroots movement, have to continue to work hard and actively campaign.

This message is not just about getting people to vote in New Hampshire, but all across the country, we need you to go out and take part in the political process, and encourage your peers to take an active role in the political process.

Your participation makes the difference between whether  or not the progressive values of the youth culture become American values. Your participation makes the difference between whether or not we have free education, free healthcare, or equal rights for all.

Your participation matters in the political revolution; remember that democracy is not a spectator sport. The political revolution continues!

Until next time,

Alex Forgue and the College Students For Bernie Executive Board


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